Sunday, May 8, 2011

Manny Pacquiao Dominates Shane Mosley to Retain Crown

It was fun to watch the fight, well that was until the 3rd round came, and when Mosley went down on a Pacquiao left hook it was never the same. It was like watching Pacquiao vs. Clottey 2. Well Mosley didn't cover much of the way like Clottey did, but he just ran away, after feeling Pacquiao punch he don't want any of it anymore.

At the end Manny Pacquiao won a lopsided 12 round decision. It was all boos from the crowd because Mosley refused to trade punches. Pacquiao won every round on two ringside scorecards in extending the remarkable run that has made him the most exciting fighter in the sports.

The only bright spot on Mosley against Pacquaio was on the 10th round when referee Kenny Bayless mistakenly ruled that Mosley knocked Pacquiao down, when replays show that he didn't even hit Pacquiao with a punch. I think that only made Pacquiao mad.

Now can we see a Pacquiao Mayweather fight? Commentators on the fight said Pacquiao probably fight Marquez. Who cares about Marquez, Manny has nothing to prove by fighting him. Fight the biggest mouth and ego on the boxing industry and that's Mayweather. Congrats Manny.

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