Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Ginebra Versus TNT in the PBA Commissioner's Final

Ginebra defeated Smart Gilas 92-85 last night to face early qualifier TNT. Lets talk first about Smart Gilas at the start of the tournament I was not in favor of letting Smart Gilas joining the conference, because for me it would not benefit the Smart Gilas team, but against Ginebra I have changed my mind. The physical play of Ginebra, the defense, and the way the fans of ginebra was in all out support of the Gins King was for me a very good experience for the national squad. I think with this experience I hope it would toughen up the Nationals to help them reach their goal in qualifying for the Olympics.

And now for the winner Ginebra, with their import struggling their locals showed up to play, especially Ronald Tubid, his 3's in the final quarter was a dagger in the hearts of the nationals, Tubid end up scoring 22 points to lead the Gin Kings, while Douthit in foul trouble in the second half lead the nationals with 25 points.

The best of 7 finals between TNT and Ginebra will be on Wednesday (April 27, 2011).

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sports Memorabilia Autograph Authentication

Having your sports idol signature on your item be it a hat, a ball, a t-shirt or a card is a die hard fan's wish come true. A sports memorabilia for some fans is a personal treasure and for some, it's some sort of a personal achievement, especially if you are the one who sacrifices and spends long hours waiting in line under the the heat of the sun just to get that precious signature or your idol. There are also some who go online or go to auctions to buy their sports idol signature items. This things however can be very expensive, and paying for something you are not even sure if it's original or fake is a risky thing to do, and many fans and item collectors get victimize by this. We fans are not experts on determining whether an item is fake or not, and spending money on an item and ending buying a fake one can be very disappointing and disheartening for a die hard fan. What we fans need is an expert, to be precise what we need is an Autograph Certification Experts, that can examine items and determine if it's fake or not.

Being a huge basketball fan myself, I always look for memorabilia and souvenirs with my favorite basketball players. I collect caps, t-shirts, cards, mugs, bubble heads and my shoes are even those endorsed by my favorite players. My biggest challenge is when I collect items through online purchases and auctions. Having to know if the signatures on these items are authentic and worthy to be part of my collection makes me really scratch my head.

Searching online, I came across a site where there are experts in autograph authentication. The ACE experts are excellent in determining the real signatures from those fake ones. Having a staff of experts, like Justin Priddy, they are the best in signature authentication industry using state of the art technology and a wide collection of known signatures library. They determine authenticity through pen pressure, slant, size, spacing and many more to accurately determine authentic signatures from fake ones. So, If you want to acquire more items to your collection, don't gamble, you better have it certified by a leading authentication company.


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