Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ohhh, what a shame, i was waiting for this to happened, and now will have to wait next year for it to happen. I really like to see this two behemoth fight each other in the octagon. But Lesnar the reigning UFC heavyweight champion was forced to withdraw Monday from his highly anticipated fight this November 21 against Shane Carwin.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the news, saying Lesnar has been ill for more than 3 and a hlaf weeks and unable to train. With the bout at UFC 106 less than a month away, Lesnar was forced to postpone the title defense.

"He said he's never been this sick in his life," White said. "He said it's been going on for a long time and he just hasn't been able to shake it."

The fight matched two of the biggest and most powerful heavyweights in the UFC. Lesnar (4-1), a former WWE star, was a junior college and NCAA division 1 wrestling champion. Carwin (11-0) is a former Division 2 national wrestling champion. Both weight around 295 pounds and cut weight to make the heavyweight division's 265 pound limit.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009


I haven't seen the live coverage so I have to wait another day for the replay which was shown on studio 23 at about 12 midnight. I was anticipating this fight for days now, being that Lyoto Machida has never been defeated going up against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua who was impressive in his last two fights.

At the start of the fight you can just see how prepared Shogun was against Machida's counters, and it was the first time that Machida have been dominated at a round. During the course of the fight Shogun was patient, waiting for the right time to attack with his powerful kicks, unlike past opponents of Machida who would just storm at Machida and receive powerful counters from the champ. Shogun was very tactical, he concentrated more on kicks to Machida body and legs and rarely attempted to take down the champ.

At the end of the fight Machida has a bloody mouth, bruised ribs and maybe have injured his legs cause looking at the fight the quickness of his legs weren't there.

Then came the announcement of the winner. The 3 judges scored it 48-47 for Machida winning it via a unanimous decision. Fans booed the result, I too was disappointed of the result.

After the bout, Machida refused to say whether or not he agreed with the decision, just noting that all three referees saw it that way.

But was ask another question if he would like to give a rematch for Shogun.

"Whenever he wants, I'll try again," Machida said about the prospect of a rematch. "No problem."

I hope there would be a rematch.

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Monday, October 19, 2009


Burger King point guard Wynne Arboleda was suspended without pay for the rest of the 2009-10 Season. Arboleda went after a heckler at courtside during the Whopper’s game against Smart-Gilas at the Araneta Coliseum last Friday, landing a kick and some punches before being restrained by cooler heads. (Watching live at TV of just what happened reminded of the Ron Artest scuffle when he was still playing with the Indiana Pacers, he also was suspended for the whole season). The suspension means P2.73 million in lost income for Arboleda, not counting won game, advancement and player award bonuses. For committing two flagrant fouls penalty 1 in the game, the nine-year PBA veteran also drew a P20,000 fine and a one-game suspension, which would be served on Wednesday in their game against the San Miguel Beermen.

I think the PBA decision is correct a player should not just go straight into the stands and assault a fan, since the fans are not only paying to see the game, without the fans there wont be a PBA in the first place. But in fairness to the players, the PBA should also implement a strict rule on fans behavior especially those fans with unruly behavior.

In the end the fans and the players must be protected and this must be put into work by the PBA.

heres a video of Arboleda hitting the fan.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Japeth Aguilar the number 1 overall from this year PBA draft, refused to sign with Burger King. His decision prompted Burger King team manager and current PBA chairman Lito Alvarez to propose before the PBA board that Aguilar be banned from all PBA games.

Alaska team manager Joaqui Trillo, Alvarez's predecessor, said Aguilar broke PBA rules. He, however, did not specify which rules. “Burger King was shortchanged and that is not fair. The PBA has to stand for its rights and we will not allow anyone to make a mockery of its rules. Japeth will have to find a win-win situation. Otherwise, the PBA can do without him,” Trillo said. Aguilar is expected to face stiffer sanctions from the PBA, including a lifetime ban. The Philippine Cup kicks off on October 11 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Now is it right or is it possible to ban a player from playing in the PBA cause he did not sign with the team that drafted him? how about those other players who were pick by other team( especially those in the second round) and later was not signed by their team. Should the team be penalized for not signing the player they have picked? This case with Japeth is a familiar thing in the NBA most recent is Ricky Rubio case though lets not dwell deeper in that issue.

I myself don't know the reason why Japeth Aguilar didn't sign with Burger King, maybe he think he can gain more experience playing with Smart Gilas, or maybe he can become a much better player under coach Toroman. Or is it the recent FIBA Asia where he wasn't given the playing time by Yeng Guiao?

What do you think will be the right verdict for Japeth's case?

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Monday, October 5, 2009


Is is the future of Philippine basketball were seeing? Maybe.. But last night, the young ones prevailed over the grizzled veterans.

Smart Gilas defeated the Powerade Team Pilipinas by 98-69. Watching last nights game i never thought it would be this lopsided, but considering the Powerade team haven't even practice a session together and the absence of key players Kelly Williams, Mick Pinnisi, Arwind Santos and this year MVP Jayjay Helterbrand. I just hope that what Smart Gilas have shown last night would carry them to the next Olympics. Although it would be a tall order, a very tall one, since they would have to defeat powerhouse countries like Iran, China, Lebanon, Jordan and more.

But going back to last night game. Smart Gilas a team who is working together for quite sometime now played a notch higher than the hastily reassembled Powerade Team Pilipinas. The special event, organized by the SBP in cooperation with its principal stake holders and the Araneta Center management, drew over P2 million in gate receipts and cash donations by individuals, including SBP president Manny V. Pangilinan and Harbour Centre owner Mikee Romero.

Japeth Aguilar led all scorers with 24 points with Mac Baracael contributing 10 points, Dylan Ababou nine and Mark Barroca and JV Casio eight apiece for Smart Gilas.

James Yap paced the PBA selection with 17 points on 8-of-19 field-goal shooting.
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