Monday, November 15, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Demolishes Bigger Antonio Margarito

Well he did, watching the television yesterday, and witnessing how Pacquiao just demolish Margarito round after round. Although Pacquiao slowed down a bit I think in the 9th round, he came back strong again in the 10th until the 12th round. Pacquiao was just too fast for Magarito, who has no answer to the combination's that Pacquiao has thrown at him. At the 11th round Pacquiao even turned to the referee several times, hoping the referee would stop the fight. Paquiao won the fight via unanimous decision. Who's next? would it be Mayweather? But for now Congratulation Manny Pacquiao.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

The 10 Last Undisputed World Heavywieght Boxing Champions

1. Mike Tyson
Reign Began : August 1 1987
Reign Ended : May 6 1989
(Tyson held the WBC, WBA and IBF titles from August 1 1987 to February 11 1990 and was generally acknowledge as the universal champion despite the fact that a new body, the WBO, came into being in 1988 and had it's first heavyweight champion (Francesco Damiani of Italy) on May 6 1989.)

2. Leon Spinks
Reign Began : February 15 1978
Reign Ended : March 18 1978
(Spinks was stripper of his title by the WBC for refusing to fight their No. 1 contender Ken Norton.)

3. Muhammad Ali
Reign Began : October 30 1974
Reign Ended : February 15 1978

4. George Foreman
Reign Began : January 22 1973
Reign Ended : October 30 1974

5. Joe Frazier
Reign Began : February 16 1970
Reign Ended : January 22 1973

6. Muhammad Ali
Reign Began : August 1 1987
Reign Ended : May 6 1989
(Ali was stripped of his title by the WBA and then WBC for failing to be drafted in to the US Army.)

7. Casius Clay(later became Muhammad Ali)
Reign Began : February 25 1964
Reign Ended : June 19 1964
(The WBA withdrew recognition of Ali after refusing a re match with Sonny Liston.)

8. Sonny Liston
Reign Began : September 25 1962
Reign Ended : February 25 1964

9. Floyd Patterson
Reign Began : June 20 1960
Reign Ended : September 25 1962

10. Ingemar Johansson
Reign Began : June 29 1959
Reign Ended : June 20 1960
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Day The Philippines Stood Still

Well I'm just exaggerating here hahahaha, but yes, come this Sunday, almost all the people here in Philippines will be glued either at home watching TV or at mall and restaurants watching Pay per View fights of Pacquiao versus Margarito. When Pacquiao became a ring icon in boxing, whenever he has a fight, streets are not busy, less traffic, less people on the streets, no crimes hahahaha. Pacquiao really commands that attention and support from his fellowmen. Come this Sunday I too will be glued at my TV set cheering for the pound for pound king, The PacMan, The Mexikiller, The Mexicutioner or whatever people are calling him nowadays. I hope he wins this Sunday and lure out Mayweather for their dream fight.
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