Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smart Gilas Perfect No More

Well you can't win them all. Smart Gilas suffered its first defeat, losing to the BMEG Llamados 98-90 in overtime. Smart Gilas is now tied with TNT with identical record 5-1. There's one thing that is bothering me with the Gilas loss, they were defeated because Douthit was injured. So is the Gilas only good with Douthit around? what will happened if such thing will happened during the Olympic qualifier, can they win if Douhtit got injured or has a bad game? The second thing is that with Douhtit injured, I thought Gilas remaining players can still dominated a BMEG team plagued with injuries, but to my dismay they were still defeated.

I do praise Gilas coach for giving playing time to Slaughter, although he was slaughtered by Kerby and Spears inside. He still manages to collect 7 blocks and that monster two hand dunk.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The once Mighty San Miguel Beermen is now last on the PBA standings

This is an unusual sight for the fans and also for the SMB franchise. The San Miguel Beermen lost another game last Sunday against sister team Barangay Ginebra Kings, 106-92. Now the Beermen is on the bottom of the team standings at 1-5 and is in danger on bowing out early. That is if they don't win in their last games against TNT and if the following teams Powerade, Air21 and B-MEG fail's to win in their last assignment but that is a big IF.

Some of my friends always argue of the trade SMB did with Air 21 saying SMB lost some veterans that are contributing to the team compared to the 3 rookies of Air 21 wherein only Al-Hussaini seems to be the only one productive. But maybe the management and coaching staff of SMB saw another thing, after all rebuilding a team takes time, maybe a conference or two will see if those 3 new acquisitions of SMB are really worth it.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

B-Megs Derby Ace Kerby Raymundo will suit up against Alaska

A good news for B-Megs fans out there B-Megs captain is back!! Kerby Raymundo who has been sidelined by hip injury will be playing for B-Meg Derby Ace when they face up against Alaska.

"The doctors have given me the green light to play. I will definitely play on Sunday against Alaska," said Kerby Raymundo .

With injuries to Rico Maierhofer, Raffi Reavis and Don Allado. Kerby would really be a big help for the injury plague Llamados.

Friday, March 4, 2011

SMB trade with Air 21 top rookies is finally granted by Salud

Finally SMB wish of acquiring Air 21 top 3 rookies was approved by the commissioner. SMB's revised offer now involved Danny Seigle, Dorian Peña, Paul Artadi and Dondon Hontiveros for Air 21's Noy Baclao, Rabeh Al-Hussaini and Rey Guevarra.

Salud said "This revised trade is certainly a marked improvement from the first trade offer San Miguel made to Air 21. I assessed the trade both on the market balance of the seven players involved. I'd like to believe that this trade isn't one sided anymore"

I'm surprised that SMB included Dondon Hontiveros as part of the trade. SMB have plenty of players in Hontiveros position which they can offer like Tugade and Salvacion. But that just my opinion. With this trade its evident SMB is on the rebuilding process of getting younger. Which was evident when they battle TNT on the just finished All Filipino finals, SMB old age was exposed as TNT was just a tireless workhorse through every game, while the beermen was gasping for air come crunch time.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smart Gilas Coach bares his wish list of 10 PBA players

Will this be enough? I ask myself, would adding PBA players disrupt the Gilas chemistry? Well Coach Rajko Toroman think otherwise, as he disclosed his wish list of 10 PBA players to reinforce the national basketball team vying for a ticket to the 2012 London Olympics at the FIBA-Asia Championship in Wuhan, China on September 15-25.

The 10 PBA players are Meralco's Asi Taulava, TNT's Jimmy Alapag, Kelly Williams, Ryan Reyes and Ranidel de Ocampo, SMB's Arwind Santos and Jay Washington, B-MEG's James Yap and Alaska's SonnyThoss and Joe DeVance, of the 10 only five will be picked for the national squad.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trade Between Air 21 and SMB was turn down by Commissioner Salud

It would have been great if the trade wasn't turned down, well great for SMB. The trade involved Air 21's top three picks of Noy Baclao, RAbeh Al-Hussaini and Rey Guevarra, in exchange for SMB's Danny Seigle, Mick Pennisi and Joseph Yeo.

Salud made the swift and decisive move to turn down the offer of the beermen to acquire the services of the top three picks in exchange for the veterans. "The trade involving Air 21 rookie pick Baclao, Al-Hussaini and Guevarra for San Miguel's Seigle, Pennisi and Yeo has been turned down because I believe the trade is lopsided," Salud stated.

But the Beermen informed Salud that they will come up with a better offer to get the services of the three rookies. "Whatever they will offer, that will also be subject for study," added Salud.

I think the Commissioner made a good decision because lets face it, those top 3 picks against those SMB veterans? Seigle for me is already damage goods because of his repeated injuries, Pennisi is getting old and Yeo well his kinda lost in the SMB rotation.

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Scrub Suit for Casual Wear

Scrub suits nowadays are not only used for nurses working in the hospitals or student nurses for their scrub uniforms. Even people not from the medical field are using scrub suits as a casual wear. Some people wear scrub tops together with a denim jeans, especially males.

I don't know the reason behind this trend if I may call it that way. Maybe because of the design of the scrubs. I can't blame people why they like wearing one, because during my days as a nursing student I too love wearing my scrubs outside of my duty. Scrubs are comfortable to wear, it's loose, it's elegant, the V-neck design makes us big guys look smaller hahahaha.

Most people buy their scrubs online because of the various designs they can offer. I too am planning to buy a color green scrubs because I really like earth colors. You should try buying one too, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alaska's LA Tenorio is PBA Player of the Week

With LA's performance in the past week, and giving Alaska a 2-0 start, earned him the honor's of Accel-PBA Press Corps Player of the Week. LA is the first to receive the award in this years Commissioner's Cup.

With his crucial play against the Gin Kings last week where in he had a triple, a steal, all in the final 4 seconds to help Alaska seal the win over Ginebra was more than enough to prove his the player of the week. Aside from averaging 18 points.

Cone must be really proud of his starting point guard.

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