Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trade Between Air 21 and SMB was turn down by Commissioner Salud

It would have been great if the trade wasn't turned down, well great for SMB. The trade involved Air 21's top three picks of Noy Baclao, RAbeh Al-Hussaini and Rey Guevarra, in exchange for SMB's Danny Seigle, Mick Pennisi and Joseph Yeo.

Salud made the swift and decisive move to turn down the offer of the beermen to acquire the services of the top three picks in exchange for the veterans. "The trade involving Air 21 rookie pick Baclao, Al-Hussaini and Guevarra for San Miguel's Seigle, Pennisi and Yeo has been turned down because I believe the trade is lopsided," Salud stated.

But the Beermen informed Salud that they will come up with a better offer to get the services of the three rookies. "Whatever they will offer, that will also be subject for study," added Salud.

I think the Commissioner made a good decision because lets face it, those top 3 picks against those SMB veterans? Seigle for me is already damage goods because of his repeated injuries, Pennisi is getting old and Yeo well his kinda lost in the SMB rotation.

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