Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smart Gilas Perfect No More

Well you can't win them all. Smart Gilas suffered its first defeat, losing to the BMEG Llamados 98-90 in overtime. Smart Gilas is now tied with TNT with identical record 5-1. There's one thing that is bothering me with the Gilas loss, they were defeated because Douthit was injured. So is the Gilas only good with Douthit around? what will happened if such thing will happened during the Olympic qualifier, can they win if Douhtit got injured or has a bad game? The second thing is that with Douhtit injured, I thought Gilas remaining players can still dominated a BMEG team plagued with injuries, but to my dismay they were still defeated.

I do praise Gilas coach for giving playing time to Slaughter, although he was slaughtered by Kerby and Spears inside. He still manages to collect 7 blocks and that monster two hand dunk.

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