Sunday, August 9, 2009


Of all the fights in UFC 101 this match is what I was waiting for, well its because of Anderson Silva, probably the best pound for pound fighter in mixed martial arts, and it just proves how great he is after demolishing Forrest Griffin in the first round of their non-title match. Griffin is a fine athlete a former champion in UFC but Silva was just a too much. So dominating was Silva that after knocking Griffin, Silva waved him in, after docking several punches from Griffin, Silva knocked griffin again and then to add insult to injury( i don't know if it was a good gesture by Silva??). He helped Griffin up and this time Silva lowered his hand as if to invite Griffin to attack, as Griffin attacked Silva, Silva just evaded Griffin's attacked by dodging it using head movement, then knocked Griffin out again with a right jab. Ending the match at 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

"I want to fight against the best," Silva said when asked after the fight if he'd continue competing as a middleweight or light heavyweight. "Whoever the best is at the time, that's who I want to fight."

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  1. Great site that you have here. Us sports blogs have to stick together. I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know. Jason

  2. thanks for the comment, sure it will be a pleasure.



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