Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well I hope so, they may not be the flashiest of all players, but they get the job done. The San Antonio big 3 will be healthy this coming NBA season, or so they say.

The Spurs having been eliminated by Dallas, has been very busy as of late especially. The Spurs acquire Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess, and also added veteran big man Theo Ratliff and rookie forward DeJuan Blair to help the aging Spurs win the NBA title. Will this addition be enough? it remains to be seen.

The big 3 on the other hand are taking it easy as of the moment, Duncan who was bothered by knee problems, has pushed back the normal start of his normal preseason regimen by a month. Ginobili on the other hand has limited his summer activity to a treadmill and some walks. "He is healthy," Popovich said. "He'll come back out of shape but healthy." Tony Parker which gave the Spurs management a scare when he hurt his right ankle playing for the French national team, but Popovich said the injury was minor.

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