Thursday, November 10, 2011

Talk n Text Center Ali Peek Faces Hard Decision May Not Play Again

Talk n Text center Ali Peek faces a hard decision concerning his condition.

Doctors have given him and his family two options, one to leave the bullet lodged in his nape to sit where it is and guaranteed him that his life will be fairly normal. But he is unlikely to play again.

The second option is to operate on him, remove the bullet and wait just a few month and he will be good as new. But the operation is fraught with danger.

Even the best doctors could not guarantee that an operation of this kind is trouble free since the bullet is too close to the spinal cord, one or two millimeters away.

A missed cut or incision may cause instant paralysis.

On the other hand, the first option guarantees full recovery but he may have to retire from the game. If he opts to play, a hard foul or a fall may push the bullet towards the spinal cord and the result would also be paralysis.

This is a very hard decision for Ali, but for me if he decides to choose option 1, choosing life over his career, why not. Ali has proven many things in the hard court and has won multiple championships already. But then again the decision lies with Ali Peek and his family. Whatever their decision is Talk n Text and basketball fans would respect it. Good Luck Ali and God Bless.

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