Sunday, July 10, 2011

Factors to Consider in Owning Your Dream Car

I have always loved riding cars and I always wanted to have one. May it be a muscled car, exotic car, vintage car, I really adore them. I'm taking a public vehicle when I go to work and the route to my office always passes by a car shop, and today they are showcasing the Toyota Camry. Wow the first time I saw that car I really wanted one but I always think of several factors to consider when trying to own one.

First to consider would be the price of owning a car, a Camry will cost maybe around $25,000 to 27,000. Second would be the auto insurance, yes of course you need to have one because let's face it, your car would be the second big investment to make next to your house. I'm not that good when it comes to insurance but a friend of mine gave me a good auto insurance tips. Lastly would be if the car you gonna buy would have plenty of available parts on the market. So that if there's any problems with your car parts you won't be having a problem trying to find a replacement.

Considering these factors, all I can say is that my dream car would indeed remain a dream.

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