Monday, January 18, 2010



Well its like what they say, fame comes with a price. Purefoods star player James Yap has been followed with rumors, especially since he's married to Kris Aquino.

At the latest is about the female fan named Mayen Austria. James Yap finally talked about the "confrontation" between his wife Kris Aquino and the female fan, Mayen Austria.

He defended his wife against her critics. He also stressed Mayen is not his girlfriend.

This was the second time Kris and James made headlines. In 2007, they went through a rough patch over Jame's rumored romantic affair with Hope Centeno, one of the receptionists at the Belo Medical Clinic then. Yap denied the rumors.

Kris decided to leave their house together with their two sons and stay with her sister Pinky for the meantime. But she clarified they have not formally split up, and that they are just taking some time off to sort out their problems.

James Yap better sort things out, the PBA elimination round is about to end this week, and they still have a game left against Sta Lucia Realtors.
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