Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Houston Rockets fans hold your breath..Houston Rockets center Yao Ming might be able to recover from surgery on his broken left foot and play for the Rockets this coming season.

Daryl Morey, the Rockets general manager told ESPN that Yao is improving and that his career, once thought to be in jeopardy from the injury, is no longer at risk, the sport's network website reported.

"Yao Ming is progressing well" Morey told ESPN. "I don't think that (Yao never playing again) is something that will happen, based on what I'm hearing from the doctor's.

"They do know that the bone will heal and he'll get back on it and they have not actually ruled out a return this season. I think that's less likely than likely, but they haven't ruled it out."

( I just hope Yao do return, I just hate to see a good player like Yao not being able to play. Hope he returns 100% healthy)
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