Tuesday, May 29, 2012

B-MEG Llamados barge into the winning column with a 96-88 win over the Gin Kings

I was suppose to post this Monday but was a bit busy at home, but the game last Sunday was exciting, as this was a rematch to last conference semis match between the B-MEG Llamados and the Brgy. Ginebra Kings.

This time around the Kings have most of their players healthy while B-MEG doesn't have Pingris and De Vance due to injury. But still B-Meg won over Ginebra 96-88.

Although Ginebra started the game on fire, it didn't take long for B-MEG to adjust and even took the lead on the first quarter, and the rest was history, Ginebra after a strong start never got its bearing again as B-MEG just took control of the game until the end.

B-MEG was again led by scoring apostle PJ Simon with 21 points followed by James Yap 18 points and the sudden uprising of Yancy De Ocampo with 16 points.

Ginebra was led by their import Bozeman with 30 points and former B-MEG star Kerby Raymundo with 20 points.

What baffled me was Ginebra's player rotation or the players used by Ginebra, I'm no Kings fan but I considered Ginebra, Petron and TNT, the teams with powerhouse lineup. But last Sunday, Dylan Ababou, Helterbrand, Menk and even Maierhofer did not play, I'm not sure of the status of Menk and Helterbrand, but I know Dylan and Maierhofer are ready to play, but the coach did not even used them. I know quite a few Ginebra fans don't like the way the coach decided on what players to used on that game, well its still early in the tournament, and maybe Coach Siot is still trying to find the right combination for his powerhouse lineup.

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