Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Cone Is Now The New B-MEG Llamados Head Coach

It's been a while since I updated this blog, and my last post was about Tim Cone retiring. Although there were rumors circulating in the net that Cone will end up coaching a SMC team preferably B-MEG the rumors fizzled out when Del Rosario was named acting head coach. Days passed and a new rumor came out again. This time Tim Cone will be back but not as a coach but as a consultant for B-MEG then after 1 conference he will assume the Head coach position from Del Rosario.

Then came the big surprise, I think B-MEG can't wait to have Tim Cone handle the Llamados as Tim Cone is now officially the new Head coach of the Llamados. Along with Tim Cone is his former players Johnny Abbarientos and Jeff Cariaso. Now its clear that the Llamados would use the triangle offense with Tim and his former players around not to mention Devance is also in the Llamados lineup.

Things look brighter now in the B-MEG's camp, with the Llamados almost having all of their injured players back, except for Jonas Villanueva and maybe Barroca if he will still be in the Gilas lineup.

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