Monday, May 10, 2010


Phoenis Suns won against the San Antonio Spurs 4-0, the Phoenix suns finally gets to defeat their long time nemesis the spurs, not even with Steve Nash having to play with an almost close right eye can stop the suns. Well for the aging Spurs it's a sorry loss, having acquire Richard Jefferson is still not enough to for the Spurs. For the Suns their reward for having defeated the Spurs is the defending Champs, The Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers sweep the Utah Jazz 4-0 but compared to the other two who advance to the next round, the Jazz really put up a good fight against the champ. But I guess having been push to the limit by their first round opponent the Thunder, the Lakers where just to focus to be defeated in this one. My favorite game is the game 3 between the two, wooow it was a see saw battle right to the very second. But i guess that loss really took the wind out of the Jazz. With the Lakers win, all they need to do is defeat the Suns to go back to the NBA finals.

On the East the Orlando Magic has yet to be defeated on the playoff, they are already 8-0 after sweeping the Atlanta Hawks 4-0. this one was just a lopsided match, I didn't even bother watching the game, after seeing how the Magic demolish the Hawks. And maybe with the addition of Vince Carter and a healthy Jameer Nelson, maybe this time they'll win it all. But that remains to be seen since their other opponent the Cavaliers and the Celtics are lock in 2 games a piece and by the look of things maybe we'll be seeing another game 7 showdown between these two.

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  1. Oh man am I ever pumped up for the Western Conference Finals!! Lakers vs Suns and both teams just swept their round two opponent!! Unheard of! I can’t wait to see this get under way, but I think the size of the Lakers will be the difference just like it was against Utah… here is proof with a preview:
    It’d be nice to see Nash finally get to the Finals but the Lakers are just too good. They have it all, coaching, star talent, bench, the list goes on…

  2. Yup, you're right, I think the Laker's will be back again to the finals, they're just too big and quick for the suns.

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