Sunday, November 15, 2009


It was a quite day yesterday November 15, 2009. There were no traffics, not much people at the streets or supermarkets. Almost all people was watching in their TV for Manny Pacquiao's fight against Miguel Cotto. And once the fight began I can hear yells from our neighbors house, since all of them are watching the fight too, and cheering for the pound for pound king. I never imagine Manny Pacquiao to dominate Cotto yesterday, since plenty of analyst said that this will be a fierce battle. Fierce indeed, but only on the first half of the fight, but as the fight goes on, you just can see how dominating Manny Pacquiao was.

Pacquiao used his speed and power from both his hands to win his seventh title in seven wieght classes and cement his stature as the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Cotto took such beating that he was force to back pedal and not engage Pacquiao. Cotto's face was a mess with river of blood flowing on his face from the fury of punches from Pacquiao.

Pacquiao manage to dropped Cotto in the 3rd round but Cotto wasn't badly and manage to come back strong to finish the round. But after Pacquiao drop Cotto again with a big left on the forth round, it was their that Cotto wasn't the same again.

Cotto on the later rounds was just trying to survive as blood flowed down his face as the "Pacman" kept coming at him relentlessly.

Referee Kenny Bayles stopped the fight after seeing Cotto being pummeled by Pacquiao at the ropes.

"Miguel Cotto is one tough opponent. He took a lot of punches but still wouldn't go down that easily," said Pacquiao after the fight.

Pacquiao collected his 7th world title with the win getting Cotto's WBO(World Boxing Organization) welterweight crown and the diamond studded WBC(World Boxing Council) Diamond Belt, an honorary championship given to elite boxers.
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