Monday, October 19, 2009


Burger King point guard Wynne Arboleda was suspended without pay for the rest of the 2009-10 Season. Arboleda went after a heckler at courtside during the Whopper’s game against Smart-Gilas at the Araneta Coliseum last Friday, landing a kick and some punches before being restrained by cooler heads. (Watching live at TV of just what happened reminded of the Ron Artest scuffle when he was still playing with the Indiana Pacers, he also was suspended for the whole season). The suspension means P2.73 million in lost income for Arboleda, not counting won game, advancement and player award bonuses. For committing two flagrant fouls penalty 1 in the game, the nine-year PBA veteran also drew a P20,000 fine and a one-game suspension, which would be served on Wednesday in their game against the San Miguel Beermen.

I think the PBA decision is correct a player should not just go straight into the stands and assault a fan, since the fans are not only paying to see the game, without the fans there wont be a PBA in the first place. But in fairness to the players, the PBA should also implement a strict rule on fans behavior especially those fans with unruly behavior.

In the end the fans and the players must be protected and this must be put into work by the PBA.

heres a video of Arboleda hitting the fan.

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